Core Team

Himmat Singh

One of Ballistic Learning's founders, Himmat has a wealth of experience in practically all education technology implementation aspects. He has been instrumental in driving BL to take up and execute challenging enterprise grade projects in all sectors.

RK Bajaj

RK Bajaj, a former Indian Revenue Service officer, retired as Chief Commissioner of the Income Tax Department, recently, where he championed the digital revolution of direct tax reforms in India, including spearheading the digitisation of the PAN (Permanent Account Number) allotment in India. He has worked with the Ministry of Finance on several critical projects, especially those involving the digitisation of reforms in the sector. He has a keen eye on the e-learning market, and a vision to contribute to the space with well supported innovation in technology-aided teaching and learning tools.

Ankit Garg

Ankit Garg is a Chartered Accountant by qualification, and a businessman by training, bringing to the table keen business acumen, and a robust eye for numbers. His extensive network in both the public, and private sector, in India and across the globe, and his ability to think big, are an asset to a business that thrives on these qualities.

Pallavi Bajaj

Pallavi Bajaj is an International Trade Policy Consultant with several years of working with various international organisations. An entrepreneur by aptitutde, in addition to working on addressing issues of international trade, and running, as Director, Ballistic Learning, she also manages a 360-degree media solutions digital studio, in India. Pallavi also brings to the table, big-four experience in business process risk analysis and management consulting. Pallavi is a graduate of Delhi University, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, as well as University of Bern, Switzerland.